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It was found full of yellowish material, above which was a thin layer of ashes and burned animal bones. Shortly, however, levels of habitation preceding the large altar emerged in other parts of the site as well.Around the early, circular structure were signs of further cultic activity: an earthen floor paved with pottery, a large collar-rimmed jar, and other vessels. A rough wall, constructed of large boulders, was built to enclose a sacred area.Similar scarabs, dating to the same era, have been found in Egypt and Cyprus." (Zertal)Ritual chalice, or possibly an incense burner, from the 13th century B. Made of very light volcanic basalt, the 4.75-inch-high artifact was found at the bottom of the altar. They involve combing an area on foot, day after day, month after month, in order to map and register all sites in the area.

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The rectangular structure and the main ramp leading up to it are colored yellow. Ebal altar the circular installations are colored green." (Zertal)When Ramesses II reigned (about 1290-1224 B. Ebal altar, the rare artifact pinpoints the date of the altar to this period in the 13th century B. What looks like a capital letter "B" in the center of the scarab is a double bow held by a kneeling archer, far left.

When this larger complex was constructed, so it seems to us today, the remains of bones and ashes from the earlier rites were gathered together and used to fill the new altar.

Burying the earlier structure in the center of the newer one apparently symbolized the continuity of the tradition of sanctity attached to the site." (Adam Zertal, 2004)On top of this yellowish layer was a thin layer of ash and animal bones.

Judaism sanctified Judea and Jerusalem and, during the Second Temple period, also the Galilee.

Christianity attributed sanctity to the Galilee, where Jesus was active, and to Jerusalem. The sites of the land were generally first publicized by pilgrims' writings, but this area was not of particular interest to them.

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